Are you programmed for
Profitability and success?

There are possibilities for profitability in your practice that you are missing every single day because you are doing things from a place of lack and fear. Your team is picking up on that fear and consistently helping you create it over and over again. You attract what you focus on and most dentists are focused on lack. My Million Dollar Huddle(TM) system will give you a step-by-step way to focus your energy to identify unseen opportunities, prevent chaos, and create more fun ways to grow your practice.


The Six Sources of “Invisible” Money Sitting on Your Schedule


What Your Team Should Do Every Day To Grow Your Practice


Your #1 Defense Against Chaos and “Schedule Fails


The Best Question to Ask to Skyrocket Your Job Satisfaction


The Secret to the “It” Factor in “Your Practice”

Million Dollar Huddle

You may be thinking, “My team already huddles every day.” But I guarantee you are not doing it my Million Dollar way.


I have worked in dentistry for over 30 years, and I have seen what makes some dentists very successful and what makes others feel trapped and frustrated in their practices. I have taken my unique skills and talents as a life coach and combined them with my vast experience in dentistry to help dentists create the habits and the energy of success in their practices. The Million Dollar Huddles system is one of my most powerful tools, and I’m offering it to you absolutely free in this new training video.


Time, money, patients, success–the amount of income your practice earns is completely up to you. The successful dentists I work with expect to meet their financial goals and know how to avoid the traps of fear and worry. They know it’s going to happen and they attract it over and over again.

The amount of money you are able to make and keep corresponds with your beliefs, your goals, and your behaviors. I have spent 30 years listening to dentists, crafting solutions to their challenges and training them to exceed their goals.

I am now making my very best, most powerful systems available to you online. Join me for this one-of-a-kind productivity booster and start winning with Million Dollar Huddles NOW!

Million Dollar Huddle

Are you and your team simply standing around reading the schedule every morning and calling this a huddle? Are you focused on potential problems instead of potential opportunities? This is not the Million Dollar Huddle(TM) way. Get your team engaged, excited, and organized on a daily basis. Register for my Million Dollar Huddle(TM) webinar and learn to attract more money, happier patients, a happier team, and more personal satisfaction in knowing you’ve maximized your schedule every single day.

Why Doctors Love Working with Melanie

Dr. Anjali Rajpal

We needed some congruency with our team to make our systems in place flow more efficiently. My goal is always to be more productive and to grow my practice so I needed advice on the best way to do that specifically suited to my style of practice.

After my first consultation with her I was sure that Melanie was the best fit for me because she had a very positive minded approach that incorporated many different elements that other coaches were missing out on. After the coaching began, I felt very comfortable sharing everything on my mind with her with no judgment so she could get down to the root causes of some of my beliefs and actions that were in conflict with my goals and guide me instead towards improved ways of thinking and acting.

She helps me not get discouraged and to continue believing in myself. I have had several issues I needed assistance with and she has been helping me to resolve them and keep me on track. I believe she really helps the team with their struggles as well and helps them to stay motivated and focused. I have improved my production this year as opposed to last year and hope to continue increasing it.

Dr. Sam Saleh

I was looking for guidance to improve the operation of my office. I felt I have made a valuable connection with an individual who genuinely cares for me and my office. Melanie has had an incredibly positive impact on many levels, through her ability to make me feel anything is possible.


Dr. Millie Chung

I was dealing with the chaos of facing the unknown. I was launching a start-up dental practice. I had a vision for what I wanted my practice to look like, feel like and flow like, but I had no idea on how to do the little things to get it there. I was very passionate about my vision so I did not want to share it with just anyone. A colleague felt like Melanie might be a good fit, and she has been incredible.